A leading investment business

We are a Pan-African multi-specialist investment company, active in ten African countries. We have business partners in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

We manage USD46 billion assets under management and administration (R560 billion, as at 30 June 2015) and we have over 437 000 retail and institutional customers across Africa.

“At STANLIB we really believe in the African story. Our continent has a good story to tell and there are excellent investment opportunities. We see the challenges but we also see the potential. We believe in Africa’s people.” – Seelan Gobalsamy, STANLIB CEO

Who is STANLIB Kenya?

STANLIB Kenya Limited officially launched in October 2013, after rebranding from Stanbic Investment Management Services (SIMS). STANLIB is a leading fund manager in the region and has an unparalleled track record in terms of services and performance over the years. STANLIB Kenya manages asset worth over KSH 121 Billion (as at 31 December 2014).

STANLIB Kenya seeks to be recognized as East Africa’s premier Investment Manager, dedicated to the advancement of wealth management through the provision of excellent products, efficient service and customer satisfaction. We have been fully operational since 1998 as Stanbic Investment Management Services (EA) Ltd and are licensed by the Capital Markets Authority and the Retirement Benefits Authority in Kenya to provide investment advisory and Fund Management Services.

STANLIB Kenya is owned by Liberty Holdings who is the principal shareholder of Liberty Kenya Holdings Limited, a company which is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and whose other local subsidiaries are Heritage Insurance and Liberty Life Assurance Limited.

Our clients are mainly institutional and corporate investors with short-term cash management and medium-to-long term investment needs, including retirement funds asset management, and retail investors with surplus cash to invest at regular intervals or in once off lump sum investments. Our retail clients comprise of individual investors, high net-worth individuals, clubs, small business
associations, and community cooperatives.

Our parent company STANLIB, is one of Africa’s leading asset managers, headquartered in South Africa, with assets under management and administration in excess of R560 billion (USD 46 billion) (as at 30 June 2015) for over 437 000 retail and institutional clients across the African continent.

STANLIB was founded in 2002 when Liberty Asset Management and Standard Corporate and Merchant Bank Asset Management merged.

STANLIB Kenya’s accolades

  • Best Performing Equity Fund and Best Trust in Quality Service at the Think Business Africa Investment 2014
  • STANLIB Asset Management was recognised as the “Best Asset Manager based in Frontier Markets” by Global Finance Magazine in 2015

STANLIB Kenya Funds

STANLIB Equity Fund
This fund was created to achieve an investment medium for unit holders, which shall have its primary objective long-term capital growth, a reasonable level of dividends and the maximum stability of capital invested.

STANLIB Money Market Fund
The STANLIB Money Market Fund is a unit trust (collective investment scheme) that aims to maximise income while preserving capital over the medium term, and to ensure liquidity of funds invested.

STANLIB Balanced Fund
This fund is a medium term collective investment scheme that invests in a diversified spread of equities and fixed-income securities with the primary objective being to seek long-term capital growth and income consistent with moderate investment risk from a wide range of securities.

The STANLIB Bond Fund is a medium-term collective investment scheme that invests in a diversified spread of fixed-income securities with the primary objective being to seek income generation and long-term capital growth consistent with moderate investment risk from a wide range of bond securities.

An Income-REIT is a real estate investment scheme which owns and manages income generating real estate for the benefit of its investors. Distributions to investors are underpinned by commercial leases. This means that income returns are predictable and generally less volatile. The I-REIT provides an instrument for investing in the real estate market which offers both liquidity and a stable income stream.

This fund is similar to a typical pension fund managed by STANLIB with the difference being that this fund is sponsored by STANLIB instead of a single employer, and pools retirement funds from various individuals and employer. STANLIB will ensure that the scheme’s assets are managed in accordance to RBA regulations, trust deeds and rules. STANLIB will ascertain professional management to meet medium to long term growth of capital invested according to best practice.

STANLIB Kenya capabilities
We aim to adopt the best values and techniques as practiced internationally into the Kenyan investment management industry.

Our main areas of business:

  • Management of employee retirement benefits (pension/ provident funds)
  • Institutional cash management provision
  • Property investments
  • Insurance funds
  • Advisory services
  • Private equity


Unit Trust Investments or Collective Investment Schemes in Securities are generally medium to long term investments. The value of participatory interests may go down as well as up and past performance is not necessarily a guide to the future. An investment in the units of a unit trust (participations of a collective investment scheme in securities) is not the same as a deposit with a banking institution. Unit trusts are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. Different classes of units apply to these portfolios and are subject to different fees and charges. A schedule of fees and charges and maximum commissions is available on request from the company STANLIB Kenya (Pty) Ltd.