STANLIB Group Limited

We are a Pan-African multi-specialist investment company, active in ten African countries. We have business partners in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

When it comes to investment, we focus on the things that really matter — the things that impact the investment choices we make for our investors. We call it FOCUSED INVESTING.

Our Group Heritage

Where we have come from — STANLIB’s progress since 2002
STANLIB became a registered company in 2002, with the merging of Standard Bank and Liberty asset management businesses.

Propelled by our vision and focused on consistent delivery of investment excellence, STANLIB has since progressed significantly:

  • We’ve diversified our focus
  • We’ve introduced new investment capabilities with a focus on alternative investments
  • We’ve created synergies between our professionals
  • We’ve expanded into Africa, our focus no longer only on South Africa
  • We’ve grown to include third party investors
  • We’ve won 80 Raging Bull Awards and 92 Morningstar Awards
  • We were the first South African company to provide teachers to schools (10 Teach SA Ambassadors sponsored by STANLIB)
  • We also created the first-ever financial literacy film in the world called ‘Mind Your Moolah’ (impacted over 45 000 students and 3 300+ schools, we now have three movies)

STANLIB’s Investment Capabilities

STANLIB’s overarching belief is that investor requirements are unique and ever-evolving: this is why we’ve built our investment model upon multiple-focused philosophies — to cater for diverse investors. We offer Pan-African solutions, for which we are recognized as a leading frontier manager.

Our investment teams
Our 96 investment professionals collectively have a millennium of investment experience. The STANLIB investment model consists of specialist teams of investment professionals. They manage assets in their respective areas of expertise including: fixed interest, property, equities, multi-asset allocation, multi-management and alternatives.

Our capabilities
We offer our investors a broad range of investment opportunities and have active asset management, multi-manager and passive asset management offerings across all asset classes: cash, bonds, equities and property.

Active Asset management

Absolute Returns
The team manages multi-asset class portfolios and uses derivatives to deliver consistent positive returns with low variability through all business cycles.

Fixed Interest
With one of the largest fixed-income teams in South Africa, by assets under management, we cater for all income needs — from money market to bond portfolios to Liability Driven Investments. We focus on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns by exploiting market inefficiencies in the pricing of assets. Research specific to fixed interest investments is housed in this team.

Listed Property
We are the largest listed property manager in South Africa by asset size. Additionally, we have the only Africa Listed Property Fund in the world and our Emerging Market Property Fund is one of only three worldwide.

The team provides investors with listed property exposure in South Africa, the rest of Africa, emerging markets and globally. The team focuses on quality companies, which consistently produce above average growth in rental streams.
The team conducts their research, which is very hands-on in nature.

Multi-Asset and Core Equity
The Core Equity offering is style agnostic and benchmark-cognisant, driven by our in-house equity and economic research. It is also the equity pillar in our actively managed balanced solutions.

The balanced portfolios invest in multiple asset classes. They aim to create long-term wealth by reducing risk through diversification.

Asset class exposure is periodically adjusted to reflect current economic and business cycle views. The balanced portfolios draw on the strengths of other STANLIB franchises, namely Fixed Interest and Listed Property, and of our partners for the offshore component.

The team focuses on two goals. Firstly, to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in frontier African markets through equity, fixed income and balanced solutions, both rand and foreign denominated. Secondly, the team provides centralised equity and fixed income research to STANLIB’s rest-of-Africa regional asset managers.

Unconstrained Equity
The team focuses on delivering long-term capital growth through the identification of potential longterm outperformers. These are listed companies that are either on the verge of an extended period of earnings outperformance or those trading at attractive relative valuations.


Direct Property
The team offers investors exposure to direct property assets, which are largely uncorrelated with listed markets. The team invests in quality real estate in economically growing nodes on the African continent, assisted by bespoke research capability to analyse factors that influence the direct property market.

Our direct property team is known for asset management and developing many landmark properties in South Africa for the Liberty Property Portfolio. Recently, the direct property franchise launched the new exclusive retail wing of Sandton City, Diamond Walk, in Johannesburg. New tenants include Prada — the first in Africa — Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Zara, and other superior global brands.

STANLIB’s Africa Development Fund also recently launched greenfield projects in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda.

Infrastructure Development
The team offers investors exposure to direct equity and quasi-equity investments in infrastructure projects in Africa. The team invests across various sectors (power, transport, tele-communications to name a few), exploiting opportunities in this historically under-researched space and providing investors with exposure to assets uncorrelated with listed markets.

STANLIB Multi-Manager is an independent, multi-strategy franchise with its research that analyses both qualitative and quantitative aspects of asset managers, to identify those that will consistently outperform.

The team focuses on combining underlying portfolios, which exploit sources of risk and return in different ways, thus delivering superior investment returns over time.

Passive Asset Management
The team provides cost-effective access to alternative asset types like index tracking, enhanced equity, quants-based asset allocation and exchange traded funds (ETFs). The franchise’s independent research capability aims to identify factors that can forecast market move.